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Some more thoughts about Star Wars, The Force Awakens.
I dont know, why the screen writers did not, spend more time in giving the caracters more depth and backgrund, by using some better dialog lines. You can explain so much, if you set them in on the right moment.
Example – Finn:
He just turned his mind, from one moment to the other, even he was teached by the First Order to act like a Stormtrooper. That was a problem for me, to follow.
Why dont give him an interesting history, just by using some lines. Here we go…
Scene: Kylo Ren finished his interrogation at Poe and appear on the Finalizers Bridge, to meet Hux and Capt. Phasma. After he tells Hux, what he find out, Phasma join the Talk.
Phasma: There was a Problem with a Stormtrooper.
Kylo Ren: FN – Row?
Phasma: FN-2187
Hux: Again?
Kylo Ren: seems you still have to fix that problem, with these FNs, Hux.
Phasma: I ordered FN-2187 to Report in, at the Reconditioning Center.
Hux: Set him under arrest. I order his execution.
Or Kylo Ren vs. Rey, during the Lightsaber fight. There is only one Line what could have explained a lot.
Kylo Ren: There ist more in you. Someone made you forget. But i awake a Part of it when i touched your Mind. You Need a teacher ….
And there are more things they could have fixed in The Force Awakens, to avoid questions.

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